The tenors and bassists of Syracuse University brought the chapel down with a cappella versions of “It’s Raining Men,” “Hericane,” “Girls Like You” and a whole lot more.

“Cockappella” 2018 rocked Hendricks Chapel the night of Oct. 13 as three all-male a cappella groups sang their hearts out in aid of testicular cancer. Organized by Otto Tunes, the concert showcased performances of trending pop hits by the men in orange along with two other campus groups, Buffalo Chips and Orange Appeal.

Otto Tunes lit up the stage in their bright orange trousers as soloist Peter Levchuk kicked off the show with “It’s Raining Men” from a rendition by The Weather Girls. A sense of boy-bands belting out show tunes to wide-eyed girls and pumping up the volume with moves to swoon over was set from the get go.

The Buffalo Chips amped up the adrenaline in their blazer-and-jeans attire with Post Malone’s “Rockstar” by soloists Jared Kibler & Patrick Nembhard and more. LANY’s “Hericane” rendered mellifluously by Ryan Sterto was the show stealer. In a manner quite inimitable, Sterto brewed a storm that blew the chapel away, drawing the audience in and keeping them held though the entire performance.

Beatboxers in all three groups had eager eyes on them simply in admiration of the lung power they possess. And it ain’t easy keeping time or standing strong in the vocal symphony that booms around you, by the looks of it.

Another “all-male” SU student who stood strong through it all took the stage next to share his journey from being diagnosed with testicular cancer early last year and coming out victorious this June, one testicle short.

Quarterback Rex Culpepper advised the guys in the audience to “hold your balls” when you get home and quipped, “or ask your roommate to,” in order to build awareness of testicular cancer, which can strike when you least expect.

The disease is most common among men aged 18-35. “Cockappella” is Otto Tunes’s way of getting the word out and generating funds on behalf of The Testicular Cancer Foundation. With more than the targeted amount generated, it was cause for celebration resulting in the head-shaving of a group member; one among the many “attractions” of the night, along with raffle prizes and a free-spirited host in Ghufran Salih, President of the SU Student Association.

Back to the music, Walk the Moon’s “One Foot” by Orange Appeal was fun and foot-tapping while St. Vincent’s “New York” and Demi Lovato’s “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” highlighted the vocal prowess of Otto Tunes’s Nick Peta and Steven Visceglia respectively.

An hour and a half’s worth of great music, beautiful harmony and fun choreography, not to mention enough testosterone to last the semester – all for a commendable cause – Cockappella was a night to remember.

How else would you end such a night but with a haunting rendition of “Home (I Am) performed by Otto Tunes and a few alumni. Pin-drop musical silence punctured only by applause and a standing ovation. Then of course, the Syracuse University Alma Mater to officially call it a night.

Here’s to more Cockappella at SU, building awareness one ball at a time.