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This I Know

How would you feel?
If kisses were for free
With no rhyme or reason
Listless as a winter chill.
With the hint of spring
Somewhere over the hill.

Wings outstretched you sail
Fly, rather, cutting away
Aware of the sky’s remorse
As it captures you like a bird
Clipped and held.
Yet try, fly you must
As head and heart meld.

Take your time
To reach where you ought to be.
Hold the reins when it shines
Or anytime the mind caves in.
Render control and strive
Seek far your win.

”Tis lovely, dark and deep,
For you, you must plough through.
Relay the victories within
To fuel the ones without.
Stop not the motion
Let not joy come with doubt.

Reason should be prime
A purpose to wake up to the sun.
See that in me.
For I will stand steadfast
When the wave washes ashore
And recedes, to never last.

You will cry triumph
When you surrender to my soul.
Be glad you knew not
Which way your life would go.
One step forward we’ll dance
Love me you shall, this I know.

Our lives are better left to chance
No regrets, you and I.
Take your time
To reach where you ought to be
But come back you must
Come back forever to me.

This poem was read out loud for the first time in public at an open mic at Inner Harbor, Syracuse, NY.

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