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Never trust a skinny food writer! Let me belie that axiom for you with proof of my love of food in my writing. Food is a universal language, fact! Wine is poetry in a bottle, fact! Travel is the highest elixir, fact! Poetry is life in song, fact! Food, wine, travel, arts, culture, rhymes and a soft spot for all things furry: all expressed through the power of the pen. For a journalist, there is nothing more fulfilling than putting pen to paper and losing yourself in every word, unveiling your being with every thought, little by little, gaining the world in return. So here goes, my reviews, interviews, features, travel stories, critique, and poems since 2008… And me, Lyle, a Features Editor at UpperCrust; Project Editor with Bartleby Press, and MA Arts Journalism grad from Newhouse School, Syracuse University (2019).

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