The Pen Chants

Features by Lyle Michael

My Little Girl

“Roam the street, wander.
Return safe, return sound.
You were raised to roar.
To dream, one eye on the ground.”

Words and pearls I’ve gained
And two right feet a boon.
A soul so fierce, smile so true,
Gifts to a son from the moon.

Home, upon my pillow,
Lies my head, curls splayed.
The mind an abyss,
With every thought of you relayed.

To the heart, to the bone.
Each memory vivid in hue.
With some in black,
Most in silver and blue.

Page by page we walk,
Notes on music, wine, dine.
Episodes play out like a reel.
It’s a show, simply divine!

Conversations and laughter,
Tears and fire may flare.
Insignificant, not even one.
Precious beyond compare.

A beautiful nest you built,
With feathers from your chest.
Detail in every weave,
Nothing less than your very best.

A new threshold now awaits.
Fear not the dawn, the sun’s rage.
For we have our love, bottled.
Deeper, finer with every age.

A little boy asked his mum what the meaning of her name is. It means ‘little girl’ in Russian, said mum. Then from now you are My Little Girl, said he. 

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