I spoke to a star tonight 
And it blinked back.
Not much was said.
Just a sigh, 
A lil’ tilt of the head.

There was a magic there
In your sigh.
That stole my worries away.
Left me lighter,
With just one a day.

Take that leap of faith,
You quoted from Spiderverse. 
Breathe your dreams into the air.
Frighten yourself. 
Wear them in your hair.

Life doesn’t render the expected.
Just a moment’s pleasure.
Before it’s taken from you. 
Then at times, 
She brings the light in anew.

So you roll with the punches,  
The highs, the lows.
You and I,
Yours and ours.
Why, we were born to die.

But then I spoke to a wave,
Swept across my feet,
Washed back to infinity.
A lot was said.
I’ve got you till eternity.

And the star blinked twice.