‘Wait, today is Wednesday’, he said.
His day revolves around it all.
All, from the waking sun
To the last bell rung.

‘Where else would I be?’, she said.
Less of a plan for her,
More an element of time.
That which begins has to end.

‘There is naught between us’, he said,
That silence cannot deliver.
Still, there is a song in your voice
That stirs the soul within.

‘Between the spoken but not meant’, she said,
Much meant and not spoken.
Which would be the worse of two evils?
For I, it is the unsaid.

‘So I say I love this’, he said.
The ritual, the simplicity, the effect.
While the din rages around us,
There is a hush in our world.

‘And love this, do I’, she said,
To share my life as such.
Find solace, strength and counsel,
In you, a healing drug.

‘Let not time cure this addiction’, he said.
Defy each day and claim it as this,
For it is Eden being here with you.
As friends, not lovers no more.

‘As friends beyond measure,’ she said,
For as long as it lasts, we know.
And we stop here each Wednesday
At the place that made us we.